Since your conception, your cells have been memorizing all the emotions and sensations that you’ve been living : the good ones as the bad ones. 


Through these memories, we can access to your deepest emotional layers.


One day, an event comes and impacts you, awakening and re-activating one of your buried emotional memory. So a  reaction of your body can pop up and your body begins to “talk” to you : from the simple faintness to the disease.


Releasing through the consciousness of your cells is a method that searches for the origin of you hidden emotion awakened by this event lived in your everyday-life.


The process is to reconnect you to the 2 elements felt during the original event of memorization : the emotion and the sensation felt in your body at the moment of this past event.


During the whole process, we use the breathing with Consciousness and some pressure points on Meridians.


Your body and your mind are released and your self-healing potential re-activated.


These session is a co-creation work between you and me, keeping in mind that YOU are the main actor (actress) of your personal (re-) evolution.

Session on RDV.

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